Powerful Content Management Platform

Our suite of software give hospitality companies a content management platform to solve their problems today, and get them ready for the future. Our technology helps the travel industry drive revenue by giving them the tools to take control of their story, so they can connect travel shoppers with better travel experiences.

With over 20 years in the industry working with hotels, management companies, hotel chains, and travel websites, we know the right image is worth a thousand clicks.

Why Source High Quality Images?

Leading OTAs and travel websites know that bookings are impacted by the quality and quantity of visual content. How do you easily source images?

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Image Feeds

MediaConnect lets travel websites access the industry’s largest hotel media library. Securely connect to the asset libraries of thousands of hotel properties. Our image feeds can be set up to work with your system. Our technology takes care of content automation, de-duplication, and formatting before the files reach your site.

Room Type Feeds

Our image feeds can be set up to leverage metadata to increase automation and accuracy. Room information encoded onto images makes it easy to accurately show off room features and associate accurate images with room types. Our Room Feeds increase upsell opportunities and create a better shopping experience for travelers.

Reduce costs. Increase Revenue.

Create better travel experiences.

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