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Media Quality Best Practices Checklist

Strategies for higher content scores and better rankings on top travel channels

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Leonardo is the industry leader in media sourcing for every major travel channel, including OTAs, all GDSs, gated corporate channels, and more. We work with the top hospitality brands to display their media to millions of travel shoppers around the world. That means we have insider knowledge of what content channels want from hotels and how they optimize travel channel rankings.


Our media quality best practices checklist is a comprehensive overview of what travel channels want to see. Audit your listings to meet these criteria and see an immediate content score boost.

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Strategies for your most important single image

hotel room with 2 beds

Advice on room images

hand holding camera

File type best practices and requirements

hands typing on laptop

Important categorization information

unsorted and sorted blocks

How to automate for better display with less work


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