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Choosing the right hotel matters

Leonardo makes it easier for travelers to select the hotels that best meet their needs and expectations. How? By providing the travel industry with the technology and services required to easily, effectively showcase hotels across the web via high-quality images, responsive hotel websites, media galleries and more.

Since our start in 2000, Leonardo has set out to make travel suppliers more successful with solutions that reach, engage, convert and satisfy online travel shoppers.

We started as a visual production company shooting photos and virtual tours for hotels around the world and hosting them online. Fast-forward to present day and you’ll find a company that has grown into an established industry leader in content management and hotel marketing technology solutions with outstanding customer service.

Moving toward the future, Leonardo will continue to address the specific needs of the hospitality industry and provide solutions that reduce costs, increase revenue and create better travel experiences.


20 years of engaged partnerships

From our early days as a production company to our most recent partnership, we’ve worked with hospitality suppliers across the industry.

97 percent support team satisfaction

After our support team resolves an issue,
we always send out a survey—which is how we know we’re at 97%!

55k+ hotels using our technology

We work with talented travelers, brainstormers, talkers, workers and big-picture thinkers to build the next generation of hotel marketing technology.

500 million views per month

The hotel images we deliver to thousands of travel websites receive half a billion views by travel
shoppers every month.

Who We Are

Leonardo Chevron

Leonardo’s values are at the core of everything we do. Our success is based on your success.

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We work together

We win together. We dig out from under – together. Our success is based on interdependence. We expect each of us to pull our own weight. We celebrate and reward those of us who most contribute to our success.

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We are trustworthy

We always try to do the right thing. It’s the right thing to do. It’s also good business. We earn trust by exceeding expectations and by being honest, transparent and accountable.

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We are relentless

We achieve our goals through urgent, methodical and focused execution. We never, ever give up because it’s too hard.We are exceptional at what we do because good is not good enough.


We thrive on challenge

We set ambitious but achievable goals and then strive to overachieve them. We are passionate. We are competitive. We are not average. We think big. We achieve great things.

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We speak up

We challenge each other. We ask why. We have open and honest exchange of ideas. We have constructive and respectful debate.

Meet the leadership team

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Paul Gillard


David Sgroi

David Sgroi

VP of Sales


Kaydian Radway

VP of Operations


Ian Walker

VP of Digital Services


Davis Howatt-Lambert

Director of Marketing


Dan Todorovski

VP of Technology

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